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  1. To promote competition and improvement of tennis skills amongst current members of the SDTF.
  2. To assist in ranking players participating in Team Tennis
  3. To assist in ranking members for Cal Cup, Gold Cup, Pac Cup, and/or West Coast Cup.

Structure & Dates

  1. The Singles League will run from May 4 thru approximately the end of October (depending on weather, etc). A playoff tournament will be scheduled immediately following the league season.
    • There will be 14 weekends of scheduled play, however players will be scheduled only 7 times.
    • Each player will be scheduled to play 7 Saturdays, with 7 byes, and there will be no play on the holiday weekends of Memorial Day, July 4th weekend, Pride weekend, and Labor Day weekend. It is our hope that staggering the play dates will allow players some degree of flexibility with their busy schedules.
    • There will be 24 registered participants for the Saturday Singles League.
  2. The league coordinator will notify the SDTF membership that positions are being accepted for the league. Members must register online on the Application & Payment page.'


  1. Playoffs will occur at the end of the season to determine the year-end SDTF singles league champion.
  2. All playoff matches will be scheduled by the individuals who qualify to play and must be completed in a timely manner following the schedule as set forth on the Singles League Schedule of Play.
  3. The top 12 ranked players from the singles league will be eligible to participate in the championship playoffs, and the remaining 12 players will be eligible to participate in the next generation tournament, provided that both of these conditions are met:
    • The players participated in the singles league from the beginning of the season or replaced a player with ample time to allow them to play the prerequisite number of matches.
    • The players played in their last 2 scheduled matches for the season OR played at least 5 matches for the season.
  4. If one or more players ranked in the top 12 are not eligible for the playoffs, then the next highest ranked players will qualify until the draw can be filled.


  1. Be a current SDTF member.
  2. Be committed to participate on a regular basis through the entire season.
  3. Complete the on-line application and pay the $40.00 fee on or before May 4, 2020. If payment has not been made before play begins, players may present the league coordinator with a check for $40.00 at the time of play on April 9, 2019. The $40.00 fee will cover the costs for the season. Players are encouraged to pay using Venmo or PayPal.
  4. All participants must sign a waiver statement before being allowed to play.
  5. If a participant drops out during the course of the season, it is that player's responsibility to find a substitute for the remainder of the season. Failing to meet your commitment may impact your ability to participate in future league seasons.
  6. It is imperative that participants arrive at the San Diego High School tennis courts at least 10 minutes before the start of scheduled play. If another SDTF activity is in progress when you arrive, please be courteous and do not disrupt that event. The coordinator will make court assignments promptly at 11:00am. based on the standings of the persons present.

Format & Scoring

  1. The league coordinator will give players a schedule that shows the dates that each player is scheduled to play. The schedule will also be posted and updated on the SDTF website.
  2. The league coordinator will provide the tennis balls for each match.
  3. Matches are best 2 out of 3 sets, regular Ad-scoring, 12-point tie-breakers.
  4. If a player is forced to retire or is otherwise unable to complete a match then the retiring player will forfeit any remaining games in the match to determine a 2 out of 3 sets winner. Those forfeited games will count as games played for the purpose of calculating player standings.
  5. During the first two weeks of play, each player will be assigned to a court with another player on a random basis (i.e., by drawing numbers from a hat) to play a best 2 of 3 sets match.
  6. At the conclusion of the second week of random play, all players will be ranked according to their cumulative win/loss ratio.
  7. Beginning with the third week, the top group of players will randomly draw to determine their court assignments, and the second group of players will also randomly draw to determine their court assignments. 6 slips of paper with the numbers 1-3 (i.e., two 1's, two 2's etc.) are put into a hat with each player in the group drawing a number. The number 1s play each other, the number 2s play each other, etc. The process is then repeated for the second group of 6 players. The coordinator will seek to maintain some random outcome while also avoiding players playing the same people each week.
  8. Cumulative win/loss ratios will be calculated throughout the season. The cumulative win/loss ratio is calculated based on total number of games won divided by total number of games played, not based on total number of matches won. Thus, it is to the advantage of players to always do their best in every game played.
  9. The coordinator will post the win/loss ratios each week so that players can measure their progress over the course of the entire season.


  1. If a player cannot attend on their scheduled date, it is his/her responsibility to send a substitute player in their place. Otherwise, a SDTF member who took the time and made the effort to travel to the San Diego High School courts will not have an opponent. Please be respectful of other members' time, commitment and resources.
  2. The substitute must be a current member of SDTF, and can be of any skill level of play. Players of all skill levels are encouraged to participate in the singles league.
  3. Beginning with the third week, if a player's substitute does not have a cumulative win/loss record, the coordinator has discretion to assign the substitute to either the higher or lower group based on the coordinator's knowledge of the substitute's level of play.
  4. If the coordinator does not know the substitute's level of play, the coordinator will assign the substitute a 45% win/loss ratio and the substitute will play with the players nearest to a 45% win/loss ratio.
  5. Substitutes participating for more than one week will accumulate their own win/loss record for placement in the correct group at the start of play.
  6. If a player has difficulty finding a substitute, he/she may request the league coordinator to assist in obtaining a substitute.
  7. In the event an even number of players need a substitute and cannot get one, the league coordinator may reduce the number of players to play in that given week.


If a player or his/her substitute does not show for a scheduled match, then a participant who expected to play will be left without an opponent for a particular week:

  • The player who did not show must forfeit one of his/her remaining match dates to the opponent - and that opponent gets to select which date will be convenient for him/her.
  • The player's cumulative win/loss percentage will be penalized with a 0-6, 0-6 loss for the date missed, while the opponent that did show up will be credited with a 6-0, 6-0 win for the week.