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What are the Cup Competitions?

In 1986, San Diego hosted the first ever Cal Cup competition which was created to foster camaraderie among the major California tennis clubs—Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. This competition has been held every year since 1986 and brings together Open and A level players to compete for the Cup.

In 2002, as Cal Cup was planning its 17th annual competition with its sister clubs in San Francisco and Los Angeles, new members learning of the Cal Cup format asked for a similar event to be created for B level players. André Lalias, the SDTF President at the time, worked with representatives from our sister clubs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Together, they created the Pacific Cup ("Pac Cup") competition. Vancouver joined the competition in 2003 and Palm Springs was added in 2008.

Recognizing the need for an event along the lines of Cal and Pac Cup for C level players, 2011 SDTF Board members Allen Sanchez and Scott Guiltner worked with representatives from our sister clubs in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Together, they created the West Coast Cup competition.

While both Open and A players compete in Cal Cup, Open players are generally given priority. As a result, A level players began to clamor for a cup of their own, and once again, SDTF led the way. Thanks to the tireless work of long time SDTF member and board chairperson, Frank January, the Gold Cup was born. In 2017, the first annual Gold Cup competition was held, featuring teams from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.