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Thank you for stepping forward to take on the challenge of captaining one of the SDTF Cup teams. There are many responsibilities involved in taking on this role. As a captain, you are not only trying to put together the most competitive team, but you are also a representative of the SDTF. It is important in your role as captain that you are creating a fair and fun environment for members to try and out and compete. Whether a player ends up making the team or not, you want to make sure that everyone has as positive an experience as possible.

Below is a brief outline of what is expected of our captains (in no particular order of importance):

  1. Team Recruitment - Solicit members of SDTF to join the team. Interested players must complete the application form on the SDTF website. Anyone wishing to try out who is not a member of SDTF must join immediately.
  2. Website - Update the SDTF website with current year information about the Cup event.
  3. Email - Maintain email communication via the email address.
  4. Captain interaction - Communicate with captains of the other cities regarding issues related to the Cup.
  5. Tournament director interaction - Communicate with the host city tournament director regarding scheduling of matches, banquet, mixers, etc.
  6. Practices - Schedule and run Cup team practices.
  7. Travel - Assist team in arranging travel (airline, hotel, and transportation to and from the courts).
  8. Budget - The host city will provide a team cost. The captain will need to factor in additional costs related to the team (shirts, shared travel costs, etc) less any fundraising to come up with a per player cost. All fees collected should go directly to SDTF and any payments necessary will be issued by the SDTF from those funds.
  9. Lineup - The captain is responsible for ranking the singles and doubles players and providing this information at the captain's meeting held the day before the tournament. This ranking should be as accurate as possible with no "stacking" of the lineup.
  10. Team building - The captain should work to build team camaraderie by having social gatherings and/or other activities that will contribute to the overall development of team spirit.
  11. Player fees - The captain must insure that all players who are trying out for the team are current SDTF members and have paid their Cup fee prior to the event.
  12. Team Communication - Keep team members up to date on specifics of the event. Times of play, banquets, mixers, etc. The try-out process should also be communicated to all players in the spirit of transparency and so that players are clear on what is involved in making the team.
  13. Fundraising - Participate in and help coordinate events to raise funds to reduce player costs.
  14. Uniform - Design and purchase team uniform.
  15. SDTF activities - Encourage team members to participate in SDTF activities such as Friday Night Doubles, Singles Ladder, Club Championships, SDO, etc.
  16. Code of Conduct - Maintain the SDTF Code of Conduct as well as the Cup Code of Conduct at all times.